When extracting the zip file, please check “maintain directory structure”. If a device is not powered on or is in an error state, see the manual of the device to correct the problem. However, when the paper can only be loaded in a fixed orientation, the image may be printed upside down. The setting is selected in the [Main] tab of the printer driver. A function that has been prohibited by the administrator is specified. Set the print orientation to match the image.

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Sharp DX-2500N / DX 2000U (Color)

When 2-sided printing is performed, each page may be printed upside down depending on when the staple position setting. When [IPsec Settings] is enabled in the setting mode, direct printing of a file in a shared folder may not be possible in your PC environment.

Main and custom folders 20, pages or 3, files, Quick file folder 10, pages or 1, files.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. It allows you to configure your Dolphin Home Base as well. When the background color of the job management display at the upper right corner of the touch panel is not gray, do not switch off the main power switch or 2000uu the power plug. Ask your administrator to perform [Registration Adjustment]. Line Busting Demo is a retail application that includes magnetic stripe card reader information and Pocket PC source code Printers Supported: If you are connected to a network, make sure that the LAN cable is securely connected to the hub as well.


Job-Build for Large-Volume Scanning: The machine must be connected to the same network as your PC. Are you using a type of paper tab paper, punch paper, etc. A3 11″ x 17″ First copy Full colour This easy-to-use utility helps you configure your printer, download files, and pritner downloadable soft fonts.


If the machine’s printer driver does not appear in the list of available printer drivers, it may not be installed correctly. Check whether the machine’s printer driver has been selected from the print window of the prnter.

Multifunction Office Machine in Kolkata. See also the Software Setup Guide. You can monitor, configure, and manage any number of Monarch printers connected to every computer on your network.

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Open the printer properties dialog box and click the [Auto Configuration] button on the [Options] tab. Does the paper size specified by the job match the size of printeg loaded into the tray? In this event, rotate the image degrees before printing. If you do not know which network the machine is connected to, ask the network administrator.


DXN/U | Sharp Digital MFPs / Printers | Sharp Global

And the smaller particle size of the toner and the carrier allows for reduced graininess and clear reproduction of fine lines, fine text, and halftone colours. If this happens, try the Non PNP driver.

The color mode setting is configured on the [Color] tab of the printer driver. Remove the printer driver and then install it once again. If the [Disable Duplex] checkbox is2-sided printing using that tray will not be possible.

Make sure that the routers and other network connection devices are operating correctly. View Contact Call Seller Now. Raster data such as bitmap images cannot be adjusted.

Digital Photocopier Machine in Guwahati. Content of compressed files: Color Printers in Guwahati. If a device is not powered on or is in an error state, see the manual of the device to correct the problem. MonarchNet also allows for remote configuration of your printers.