It can be lost if there is some kind of memory failure. Open the front cover of the machine. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. Key operators can change or make default settings. The following notices are required to satisfy the license terms of the software that we have mentioned in this document:

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If necessary, you can select a sender and a subject. PS Menu See p. Administrating the Machine Security Functions The security functions protect docu- ments from being afocio without permission or unauthorized access via the network.

Installation software for a Ricoh Aficio 1515mf printer

Problem Is the Data In indicator If not, data is not being sent to the machine. Reference For information about how to enter characters, see Gener- al Settings Guide.

Requirements Before using this machine, make sure all environmental and electrical re Sablotron Sablotron Version 0. Names of Major Components and Software The following software products are referred to using a general name: Page Page – Windows NT 4. Page of Go. For particular functions, see the relevant parts of the manual. Remarks Access to the Machine Place the machine near the power source, providing the clearance areas shown.


Aficio 1515/1515F/1515MF

Adjusting Printer Features Printer Features allows basic adjustment of operations when using the machine as a printer. When you install a printer driver, log on using an account that has Administrator permission.

R i g h t – c l i c k t h e machine icon, and then click [Rename]. For information about connection using Bluetooth that comes with the optional Blue- tooth interface unit. Accepted When the regular size originals settings are registered, appears at the top of the copy dis- play.

The higher the resolution is set, the smaller the qficio that can be scanned. Nor- mally, use this orientation for placing originals. G G G G Specify the sender scan file de- liver source if necessary. Troubleshooting Problem Cannot print in duplex mode. Preparations for Use as a To use the machine as a network scanner, you must make settings required for use as a scanner as well as basic settings for use in a network. Close all other applications, then restart scanning.

A 155mf A A Quit all applications that are run- ning. User Tools System Settings Address Book Registering user information, such as fax numbers and e-mail addresses, in the Address Book allows you to man- age them together.

The print function uses this information to automatically select the paper tray. Preparations for Use as a Network Scanner Scan Settings This section explains how to set the defaults for scan settings.


To group destinations, the groups must be registered beforehand. In a net- work environment, only adminis- trators can make changes to menu settings. The scan settings consist of the fol- lowing. If you require darker or lighter cop- ies, adjust image density accordingly.

Installation software for a Ricoh Aficio mf printer | PCMech Community Forum

Checking the Status of E-mail The status of the last 50 sendings can be checked. Various messages that may appear on the control panel or client computer are listed, along with causes and solutions.

Internal tray Copied, printed paper, or fax messages are delivered here. Based on IEEE The reverse side of an orig- inal image is copied. Problem It takes a long Photographs and other data intensive pages take a long time for the ma- time to complete a chine to process, 15155mf simply wait when printing such data.