Some sellers offer more services like testing each camera and installing the latest camera firmware. So the shelf life will depend on the manufacturing quality and the number of charge-discharge cycles. Replacement batteries are available on eBay. How much does an camera cost? This allows the camera to avoid the 4GB file limit.

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The original hole was drilled to bigger.

This chip uses red, green and blue sensors. I have 2 devices and this is the information of both: These videk are NOT waterproof, although you can see some footage taken with them under water. Most cameras work with a class 4 card, but faster than class 4 usually does not help.

The self-discharge is the much bigger factor. A kit with a camera and flash card is available. Any battery module over 4.

If you play this file with square pixels it will look distorted a circle will look like a wide oval. Larger and heaver 39g than a typical These include missing frames, a low FPS, non-compliant angka format that is difficult to play or edit.


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There is no switch that disconnects the battery on an camera. Wait a day and try again. I review each version on it’s own page: Many sellers in China don’t know English and don’t know what version they are selling.

If the battery module has a connector, disconnect it and reconnect it. It is important to identify the camera version. Open the Device Manager. But I suspect videoo device failure. I only review the size cameras. How can I get “customer service” or contact the camera producer? Depends on which lens you get. The video quality is good.

The camera comes with a poor instruction manual, anyks a wrong instruction manual, no video editing software and no video encoding software. The battery module has two parts: I received and reviewed my first car keys micro camera version 1 in September If you solder the battery module remember that you are soldering a live voltage to the circuit board and any short mishap can destroy the camera.


Some cameras also have a audio recorder mode.

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Broken connections in the parallel data path can cause strange color problems. I was able to put about mAh into the battery, so the running time will be much higher than with charging on USB.

If you download firmware, you use it or install it at your own risk. Some then continue recording a new video file.

Just to give you an example of my “second best” method, is an example at a Target Supercenter, you might find me hiding behind a clothing rack with a Sony DV Camera PED Products sent me a sample mounting kit without camera and I am reviewing it. Use Crystal Vido Mark to measure the K random write speed and if it is less than 1.