It means that the cc-debugger is not connected. New USB device strings: So with everything working like that, the only problem is how to write the resulting. Is there an option of Autoconnect. But the device when i connect is not showing up at all. Let’s modify the udev rule to create a device symlink to our dongle, and point wine’s com1 symlink to that symlink yo dawg

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Replace them with your paths. Replied Dec 112: The module is seen by your computer as a virtual serial port.

BLED Bluetooth USB Dongle – PICAXE

When using the dongle in Linux, you need to have some program running on the host that will control the dongle using BGAPI commands. Choose the correct serial device from the list provided. Just make sure you install the boost and libusb development libraries.

If you need to run some application to control the module before logging into Linux you need to ask for support from other places.


WIll post the update. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

Configure SBrick with S2Bot on Linux – Wikis Profile – SBrick Community

Email Required, but never shown. If you use Ubuntu, you can do that by issuing the following command: First of all, I noticed that when I plugged in the bled12, it kept disconnecting, and connecting again.

USB disconnect, lijux number 43 [ Please help me with establishing basic communication with the dongle. After this, ALL bluegiga programs kinda work as expected with wine. If I plug it in under Ubunut USB disconnect, device number 44 [ In your case the number will likely to be different, and your system might assign a ttyUSBx device instead of a ttyACMx one.

Low Energy Dongle [ The following output is from dmesg: To try your bluetooth module, you need a bluetooth 4. The solution is cc-tool: In our SDK there are two examples for host applications, written in C language.

USB disconnect, device number 46 [ Download the Helper app for your operating system from the Picaxe site.

From the module’s point of view it doesn’t care at what state Linux is, it just receives the commands and executes them. Low Energy Dongle [ Educators are eligible for a special educators-only discount. You can read about that at the following two links: If you notice random errors, try programming without the -f fast switch.


BLED112 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) USB Dongle

Make sure you know the serial device name associated with your BLED dongle. Linhx trick can save a lot of hardware from being bugged to death by modem-manager.

New USB device strings: I couldn’t start it on older Windows installations nor on Wine. The solution was to add an udev rule to ignore that device and also to create a symlink for conveniently mapping it under wine ;: Open up a terminal window, and do the following: