French company GT Company has licensed the AgfaPhoto brand and launched a range of new budget products. Panorama Mode The Panorama capture mode lets you record a series of images to be put together into a panoramic shot. One nice thing about this is that you can see how many pictures you can take in the various modes. Everything is well marked and reasonably well placed, although one-handed operation would be a bit of a stretch. This new macOS app can automatically create HTML web galleries from your photos that can be shared and viewed in any browser.

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Flash As we mentioned earlier, the flash on the QVUX pops up automatically when the lens cover is slid open. Dec 20, Shot to shot qv-200ux time in “Quick” shutter mode was quite fast, running about 2. Red-Eye Reduction mode emits a small pre-flash before the camera fires the full flash, reducing the occurrence of the Red-Eye Effect. Exposure Compensation EV You can manually adjust the exposure of an image to compensate for bright white objects, backlit subjects, dark backgrounds, etc.

As you press the left or right arrow keys, the dial rotates to allow selection of major camera modes. If for some reason the aperture is already wide open, and you try to enter full manual mode by pressing Set and “-“, nothing will happen the aperture is already wide open. On the other hand, the 0.

Casio QVUX/Ir ()

This new macOS app can automatically create HTML web galleries from your photos that can be shared and viewed in any browser. The last mode I tried was Night Scene mode. Panorama mode supports panorama shooting by locking exposure and white balance on the first picture of a series, and by providing cadio guides to help you align successive shots.


The shot above shows the front of the camera, with the cover retracted and the lens extended. The camera automatically adjusts the aperture to correspond with the shutter speed. There’s also a single shot mode, though I don’t dasio why you’d want to use that, when quick mode does the job so well.

Manufacturer Overview Casio was one of the very first companies qv-2000ix produce digital cameras for consumers, and their original QV digicam introduced digicam users to the wonders of LCD viewscreens.

Manual white balance lets you set the white balance to exactly match the specific lighting conditions, by holding a white piece of paper in csaio of the camera and pressing the Display button.

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Self-Timer The Self-Timer button on the back of the QVUX accesses the self-timer mode, which gives you either 10 or two seconds before the shutter fires. The camera reminds me of the Olympus DZ [see our review ]: The row of buttons along the rear edge qg-2000ux the top panel provide quick access to the most-used camera functions.

Quite often it went left when I wanted to go up. Overall, the QV’s strongest point is the unusual level of control it provides over exposure parameters, offering unusually fine aperture resolution, full-program, aperture-priority, and shutter-priority metering, and even a “hidden” full-manual exposure mode.

Casio QV 2000UX/Ir 2.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

The best camera bargains of At least we didn’t once we developed a sense of which options were located on which menu screen. Our biggest complaint on the physical design is probably the somewhat sticky sliding lens cover which also controls the camera’s power and the pop-up flash that you can’t close unless the lens cover is closed. This is always a nuisance for studio work. Dec 25, The pop-up flash also seems a little pointless since you can’t close it until the lens cover is closed which makes it more prone to breakage.


That is, sets a small aperture value, and the focus to the “hyperfocal” distance. We noticed some wear on our test unit, until we adopted the practice of applying some inward pressure on the cover while we slid it.

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Compression Fine Quality 8 7: This took the cawio off the track and ended the wear problems, but we don’t think users should have to worry about such things. Spot takes a reading from a very limited spot at the center of the image and judges exposure purely for the subject.

Lensrentals tears down the Canon mm F2. Quick Shutter will disable itself when the flash is charging, when a qvv-2000ux shutter speed is being used and when conditions cause the autofocus to take too long. If the camera is turned off, pressing this button both turns the camera on and begins image playback.