The AttributeList panel appears. To configure a new data source, click the Add button. If specified and applicable to the connection, the SequeLink password change mechanism is invoked. For a C shell, execute. Tuning can make a significant difference in the performance of your application. Type a unique name that identifies this ODBC data source configuration.

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Optionally, specifies a string that identifies the server data source to be used for the connection. If you specified a value for the attribute when configuring the ODBC data source, that value is your default.

This dataidrect also be a list of LDAP servers separated by a blank space for example, “ld1. Specifies the new host password to be used. Then, skip to Step 5. In the Bourne or Korn shell, type: For example, on Solaris, enter: If example is unable to datdirect, the appropriate error message appears.

At the bottom of the Driver Setup dialog box, click Test Connect to test the connection. The data source will be added to the data source file. WLM provides services to manage workload distribution, balance workload, and distribute resources. Independent enclaves are used to represent new transactions that have not yet been associated with an address in the sysplex. If a server data source is not specified, the default server data source for that SequeLink service is used.


By default, Setup installs a sample odbcinst. For example, you can define a service class that requires an average response time, sets a high business importance, and uses a resource group that guarantees a minimum amount of CPU is granted even if the enclave does not meet the response time goal.

15 Configuring SequeLink® Services for Your Database

If you do not specify a port, the default port for LDAP will be used. Click Finish to create the file data source. Using the following symbols, verify that the appropriate actions will be performed on the data sources in the data source file; then, click Next.

To run the program, type example and follow the prompts to enter your ODBC data source name, user name, and password. The following code shows an example of an odbc. The File DSN tab lists any file data sources in the specified directory.

1 Using the ODBC Client

The file data source will be saved after you enter the correct information in the connection dialog boxes. The value you specify must match the database character encoding and the system locale.


This option is provided because some applications cannot handle database qualifiers. See Appendix F “Internationalization, Localization, and Unicode” for more information about internationalization and localization and about important differences in developing applications on UNIX.

Create a new server side data source sqeuelink use the Default server side data source.

SequeLink® Client for ODBC Quick Start

For more information about defining service classes, refer to your IBM documentation. To configure a new data source, click the Add button. To change an existing data source, select the data source you want to configure and click the Configure button.

The following code shows an example of an odbc. Provide the following information; then, click OK.

8 Configuring the ODBC Client

This section describes how to configure the odbc. Each ODBC data source has its own section in the template. The following sections describe how to add other services and data sources. Execute the env command.