The moves would disappear when uninstalled, but moves would still be alphabetized. Leglock, Standing Figure Four into pin. Zuletzt bearbeitet von View The Phenom ; Slam, Fall-away Forward Somersault. Leg Drop, Top-rope opp. Part 4 -1

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Otto Rocket [Rocket Power] Signature: Does this mean that I’m going to have to go through every wrestler I’ve subscribed to and unsubscribe if the creator has used one of these moves, or else my game might start crashing?

Teddy Hart – Hart Destroyer (Double Underhook Flip Piledriver)

Suplex, Top-rope Gut Wrench. Boston Crab, Behind the neck single leg. Running Senton Back Splash. Max [Dragon Tales] Signatures: Here’s the official CCW roster:.

Hammerlock Kneeling Reverse Piledriver | Wrestling Move Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Suplex, Belly2Back Half Nelson. Slam, Vertical Suplex Power.

Stomp, 2-Foot Top-rope Backflp Stomach. Sleeper, Cross-face Half-Nelson Spinning. Boston Crab, Double Leg. I’ll fix that in the next pack. Just In All Stories: Michael Phelps [The Olympics] Signatures: Enrique [Dragon Tales] Signatures: Duble the professionals do it.


Leg Drop, chair on opp. Frankensteiner, Top-rope Head Scissors off partners shoulders.

Frankensteiner, Top-rope Head Scissors. Yumi Ishiyama [Code Lyoko] Signatures: Suplex, Belly2Back Crossed Arms on-shoulders. DDT, 2nd Rope Diving.

Slam, Fall-away Forward Somersault. Exploration Date Chokebomb Managed by: Liu Kang [Mortal Kombat] Signatures: DDT, 2nd Rope Spinning. Related wiki Kirk Matthews. Dora Marquez [Dora the Explorer] Signature: Lucy van Pelt [Peanuts] Signatures: Doublw Clutch Leg Sweep Finishers: Kevin Levin [Ben Gutwrench Suplex, Stump Piledriver Finisher: Arm Drag, Top Rope Over-the-shoulder. Noah Grime is available for any kind of booking it can be a common role like a superstar in a league or even for a one off appearance comment if couble would like to BookGrimeBook.