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The higher the performance of your computer, the better the possible frame rate.

We suggest using the Indeo 5. Have experience with this product? Add company-related information, corporate color and a epiphsn stamp to identify your video. Easy integration with multimedia applications.

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VGA2USB Frequently Asked Questions

How this can be fixed? Choose Properties; a Control Panel Home window ysb Choose Device Manager from the side menu; a window listing the available devices opens. Which model is for you? Was this review helpful? It depends on the resolution of your screen, fpiphan screen refresh rate, your operating system and the speed of the computer that is acquiring the images.


Ready to capture as soon as it has power and an input signal. Sales are final for rent-to-own open-box products.

We are always looking for ways to improve our system and may be willing to add support for this mode. Unfortunately, these systems have poor support or no support at all for the USB 2. Which model is for you? Ask us a new question about: Refer to the image below for steps to correct cropping.

Create my account Continue as Guest. With no drivers to install, you can use AV. Click the link, set a password and you’re ready to go. Can I get 3 FPS at by ?

VGA2USB Downloads

These items have the same guarantees as full-price products. See all 1 questions Question: Can be inconspicuously set up on the medical cart, lecture podium, or desk and within easy reach. How It Works 16 MB of onboard memory allows the unit to perform flawlessly, grabbing at least 10 frames per second of uncompressed video at x resolution or 30 frames per second of compressed video at x Please contact us if you need a driver compiled for a specific kernel version or kernel setting.


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Just run the installer and plug in the box. Nevermind Submit My Request. Epiphan Products Return Policy Epiphan products are subject to a special return policy: Telestream DirectShow Microsoft Quicktime.

Get answers about Epiphan products before you buy. You may need to try several codecs with different settings to see which codec best fits your task.

Optional Internal Mount Kit.

Frame Grabbers may be returned within a day period.