The card is expensive, but you get what you pay for here. We offer technical support for all our products. The card is beautiful in design, easy to work with, uses the faster USB 3. Learn more about Capture Cards on Wikipedia. Otherwise, you will have a hard time streaming at a consistent 60fps at p resolution. The LGX is pretty fast in terms of performance and you get a consistent and reliable 60 frames per second at the Full HD resolution.

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After installing, fire it up and you should be good to go. This is a great game capture card from Elgato and although it comes with robust features and functionality, it is not portable as it resides inside your PC.

The Elgato Game Capture HD 60 Pro is a handful to say, but it equally has a handful of features that you efher10104 truly want in a capture card. Game capture cards are amazing if you want to record, capture, or stream content right from your game consoles and or PC.

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You will find our recommendations and comparison table just further down this page. Support Intranet IP to remote monitoring.

The card is expensive, but you get what you pay for here. This is actually an improved version of the original HD Well, to reiterate, if you want to capture, record, or stream game console content, then you definitely need to have one.


This takes the heavy encoding off of your gaming machine and lets your secondary computer handle the resource-intensive encoding process.

Most recommendations will require at least vldeo Intel Core i5 4th generation processor or higher. Just beside it are two 3.

Well, if you want to use a more robust streaming software like OBS, for example, you can pretty much do so since it is supported by the LGX.

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This is also true if you want to use popular streaming software like OBS or Xsplit. Razer is a well-known brand when it comes to gaming peripherals. What Razer did is actually impressive. Otherwise, you will have a hard time streaming xard a consistent 60fps at p resolution. Multi-user’s authority management setup, support to set up user’s operating authority. The setup is simple, it has a clean design, and it captures your games painlessly. All online orders and payments are valid for our members only.

The LGX is pretty fast in terms of performance and you get a consistent and reliable 60 frames per second at the Full HD resolution.

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Recording both flow trends yard and fix yard are available. It has basic capture and streaming options, though.

To truly bring out the best in every game capture card, you need to know some tips. Please Login For Price. There are mainly two types of game capture cards: Just be sure that you have a fairly powerful system to accommodate it.


Of course, it is not as robust as the OBS or Xsplit Broadcaster, though, you can use these programs if you want. We advise you to bookmark this page vjdeo and revisit it before you make any purchase because we constantly update it with the lowest prices.

Every capture card on this list supports.

You see where I am going with this? However, its portable nature makes it rather difficult to work with depending on your setup.

Video Capture Frame Grabber

And, Vieeo have to reiterate that this is uncompressed data, which means that it needs to be encoded for use. Multi screen monitoring, 1,4,9,16,25, 36 split Screen available, support rotate display. On the front, you will see the LED indicator which vifeo up red or green depending on whether it is recognized by the Razer Synapse program or not.

Like its brother the PVR Rocket in many ways, the PVR 2 Gaming Edition takes what Hauppauge did wrong, as well as their questionable choice, and instead approaches the capture card market at a more natural angle.