Now, record something and get rich. Tonight was my 1st attempt. ShellstaX Max Output Level: Fortunately for my wallet it doesn’t appear to be available yet: Better options for not too much more?

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I have 26 AmpSims and and 22 CabSims – so perhaps some gifts from the previous owner?

I can’t believe this is 10 year old tech – it’s new discovery for me and a step up in hardware albeit digital fx and control: It’s specs are online. I have 32 bit windows vista and from what I think I understand is that I should be using wave rt and have no use for asio????

Audio Interfaces

It’s not a Y. Physically things may look okay, but when electronics are concerned the proof is in the pudding. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Questionable audio quality by today’s standards.

DigiTech GNX3000 Drivers

Noise isn’t a problem as long as you use the Noise gate within the processor. One can never have too many Noyz Toyz.


Just my thoughts nothing scientifically proven stuff. Maybe I still am. I did not realize until I found that link that the amp modeling is 3: Good for you ShellstaX!!! Bing [Bot]Strhessedout and 34 guests. I am not sure if they would allow such, but I would definitely want to test not only the amp out, but headphone out with my own guitar if they have amps there before I would even consider a purchase.

It’s the sounds they made I haven’t actually loaded the drivers nor the beta ASIO drivers yet. Thus far, the expression Pedal has yet to be custom programmed for anything, but will take up to 3 FX so want to think about how I would employ this going forward.

It doesn’t matter whether you use ASIO or WaveRT, just choose the one that seems to work the best with your sound device, giving you low latency without glitching. Oh, I still USB it, but only to run gnx3k x edit 2.

Using GNX as an ASIO in Ableton Live |

It has two, R and L. The board had been sitting unused and turning into a Chia Pet for over a decade. Way clear is what he says.


They seem thin with no bottom. That app alone I forget its namewas nice, since it removed the need to manipulate all the tiny buttons and menus on the pedal itself.

I’ve gotten worse with age. The effects though are good. I’ve still got my.

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As I mentioned I had purchased this because of it’s build quality. I’m not familiar with tascam. Well – thanks everybody Are they recognized when you plug in? ShellstaX Max Output Level: Yeah, I never quite got the 15V thing maybe why no power switch.