Core 63, CPU0 and one around The system clock is not running, just runs from pm then goes back to 10 again. When the problem exist, no external screens work. And it works on this DV! They promise the performance and style of gaming PCs without huge prices. Apply new thermal grease on the processor.

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I fixed my wiring malfunction, re-plugged in the adapter, got my blue light and charged the laptop overnight.

Take a look at the step After much tinkering, baking was the answer. The laptop comes on with no problem, except for the screen is faint, I can see the home screen just not as it once was. I was left with a dv that has a cracked screen and it would be cool if I could remove the monitor all in all and run it as sort of a media center since it still works.

I have the DV and have problems with it getting hot, I assumed it had a case fan but looking at the picture here it may be the cpu fan, its in the top left of laptop and has a blue light where the fan is. Test after each step. Your comments on the situation please.


Anyone have this issue and can solve it? Can please help me?

There are no new motherboards out there, they all refurbished. Took apart my DV, baked the mobo to re-flow, laptop video working again perfectly!

Vv6700 guess you can take a closer look at the damaged ports, and if you find any number printed on the ports try searching on Google. Try removing memory modules one by one.

Unfortunately, both USB ports on the left side are soldered directly to the motherboard. It suddenly completely disappear one day.

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Df6700 this summer, the laptop got very hot while running on wall power and suddenly smoke came out of the power supply. The part can be seen in this ebay auction. If the AC adapter works fine with another laptop but starts making noise when plugged into your laptop, most likely there is something wrong with the laptop motherboard.

Is it garbled too?

Is np just an issue with the inverter and can changing the inverter fix the problem? The caps lock works great but the blue led light does not work.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Maybe you accidentally pulled the CPU from socket. I removed this pad and air-dusted the entire inside of the laptop. There are currently no sv6700 reviews associated with this product. Is there any website showing documentation on how to reassemble the laptop step by step like it showed to disassembled it?


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Will not start up again, just recycles through the initial procedure only. Did you remove the heat sink for cleaning? Replacing a touchpad in my DV and a black rubber band type o-ring fell. I believe the microphone cable connected to the board which chlpset mounted under the keyboard cover.

I just acquired from eBay a used palm rest. Possible inverter or backlight failure. I have same problem as Carla. What do chipsef mean the drive not recognized? Had a tough time remembering which went where.

In fact…all the mobo lights turn on, the fan spins up and nothing shows up on the screen so far like before the computer cookery. I needed to see where the cords labeled 1 and 2 went and searched the net for pictures like yours.