I know, I know. I’m thinking of putting in underneathe the faders. I’ve got the mixer taken apart and now I’m confused how to tell what points to solder. Not sure of the relevance? I do vaguely remember something about it being an issue of the 32 bit vs 64 bit versions of Windows 7. If Telly ever comes back around on these boards he could definitely help you out with that.

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I was going to make the switch to scratch live from Traktor, but did not make the switch due to this problem.

Just came across this. I wonder if there is space in my Anyway tried to install new copy of serato software and windows 7 won’t recognise the box, which we believe is SL1. What about if we ran serato on a seperate computer?

Including your install, I count 5 successful installs since the tutorial not including your subsequent installs.

I would assume it would fit in a pioneer I tried asking some ass hat for help insfall YouTube and he wouldn’t give help me as he charges to do it. I used hot glue, and glued water bottle caps to the each side of the SL1 board as a spacer in-between the two pcb’s.


Good idea with the caps. I had an sl1, sl2, and an sl3 box with me when I installed it. Yep we are running a 64 bit version. Very interested in seeing your “version” of the install.

How to: Install SL1 inside your mixer [Archive] –

Install SL1 inside your mixer. I talked it over with my friend and neither of us could remember exactly what the solution we found was. Look Ma, No Box!!!! This may not work for you. The idea was to make the mod as reversible as possible. I was afraid the the boards might come into contact but you got that sorted with a pretty simple solution.

Download Serato Scratch Live

Is there a way to link the two computers together? His computer was running the 64 bit, and I think we may have had to find a different driver for that version.

I could not get the sl3 to work with scratch live on that computer at all, but it had serato DJ installed and it worked fine. Just to update this thread. I remember TeLLy did it to his 37 a while back – good stuff.


BE AWARE cold solder joints and wires too long or excessive tips on your wire will cause excessive ground noise which you will hear thru ur earphones, and will result in poor serato calibration and responce.

Serato DJ doesn’t work with the SL1.

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I had that problem once. I’ll give that a look, thanks. I had to sign back up to say hi.

Not sure of the relevance? Idk if box will fit but I’d guess sl3 would be best choice for my Great work man, Must be really handy if seratk take the mixer to gigs instead of havig to setup a SL box aswel?

Connecting the Rane SL 1

And no, not riskier, just a larger case and more channels to fuss with. In fact I’d say it would be easier than the Ecler I did. I lol’ed at my desk just now: