The rest of the process is still the same. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 6 February , at However there is a patch missing which enables support: The real solution is based on the bug found in http: Power cycling by using the power button isn’t enough in some cases to bring the malfunctioning DS to a true cold boot state. If you have Windows 10 bit things are a little more difficult because of the driver signature requirement.

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See these Google results. Intel Core-i3 3.

Leadtek WinFast DTVDS – LinuxTVWiki

Thank you Spapakons and Forums10 for being here. Try all standards and one of them should work. I have been contacted by member body99 regarding my post and am buggered how to reply. If it doesn’t support digital reception, you can Google for similar software. I have checked with NBNco, Bigpond, my service provider and have had a back test done. New 16 Mar W10 caused sound ddtv2000ds not work, now sound card no longer recognized in Drivers and Hardware.

This is based on debian flavours.


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This page was last modified on 6 Februaryat If this is the case, the card works OK, so there is something wrong with the settings or the provider. If this doesn’t work, leaddtek can restart in “disable driver signature” test mode and try to manually install the driver from Device Manager.

Also made fresh connections to the lead from wall to PC. Until then we all have to sweat it a bit!!

The frequencies are given in Table 41 in the datasheet http: Am I missing a kernel driver module? Please leave comments in the discussion session or put comments in http: New 21 Oct 2. Although there are some people that have come up with shell scrips and patches to get something similar, it is better that everyone knows how things are done, and also hopefully this will be incorporated leadtem the new releases of V4L.

The device is only 3 to 4 years old. Second tuner only works on rare occassions. dtv20000ds

Leadtek DTV2000 DS PLUS TV Tuner DAB+ HDTV/AC3 Inclu Remote

New card but leadtekk one in Graphic Cards. Probably as long as you have your card properly installed it will work, haven’t tested it with DTV.


Views Read View source View history. I am using Taiwan as opposed to the USA region by virtue of closest are.

All codecs are current on the card. If you have Windows 10 bit, you should be able to make the card work. This fix is from http: Dual xtv2000ds is not going to happen or even watch and record 1 station.

Leadtek DTV2000DS

If there are several transmission leadte involved, check if you can override the region setting and manually change the standard. You can tune the channels by selecting Sydney as your area, but then you cannot access your real area channels? I find it so difficult to use this forum, considering it is a help site, but so difficult to navigate.

However there is a patch missing which enables support: In Brisbane I have had odd results with channel 9, first time showing this station fails to lock but after checking other channels it then works.