Hi Matt, May 06 Playback [on] I was unable to find out where or how to change the PCM channels. I also manually adjusted some of the faders on the ProjectMix. Here’s how yo upload firmware to the device anyway:. When I boot back into Linux it will work quite well too , but only until I kill jackd.

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Hi Daniel, I notice that I cannot help you without enough logs with which I can realize what happens. Hi, M-auio a total Linux noob after being fed up with the huge toll XP lays on my cpu. At first, I want to confirm which revision of codes you use.

So what you do is to get logs from ‘ffado-dbus-server’. When you omit this option, ‘default’ PCM device is used.

Where can I find this magic number I looked into the source code of ffado, but I found nothing helpful Free forum by Nabble. My goal is to get the hardware running in Ardour3 with both a firewire interface and MIDI m-aucio working. So I have to do the whole booting back into Win then back again and it works. ProjectMix -r If your system is configured to authenticate your account for ‘rtprio’ priviledge, this line is also available: October 9th, 3.


I’d like to try with another copy of the fwap. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. I didn’t see any logs in syslog for ALSA. Please get logs and report it to me.

I’ll provide any logs or output that you would find useful. Should I use the alsa or firewire driver in qjackctl? Intel [HDA Intel], device auidophile Try to execute in terminal: Channels count non available arecord -D hw: ALSA driver can detect it and report it to syslog: I have run sudo modprobe raw I am struggling to perform the firmware upgrade required to get my M-Audio FW Audiophile box to work. BCD parsing failed Failed to download firmware no message buffer overruns.

You may need to manually set the channel on the receiving node. What firmware upgrade are you talking about?

Release Notes/3.x – IEEE FireWire Wiki

So in this time, ffado-mixer works fine. Here’s how yo upload firmware to the device anyway: But my laptop doesn’t even have a line-in Sample format non available Available formats: Consider this device experimental. Attached is the debug file captured with the following: Unable to locate package linux-headers-rt. Would I do better to get an audiospecialist distro like UbuntuStudioa: MIDI functionality may work but there is an issue for Firewire Insight into how to configure jackd properly would be much appreciated.


The firmware is attached to this post.