In the Mirrodin site theres a wallpaper of a future card called goblin wardriver. Official Oracle Text for Goblin Wardriver. Something with attacking, going by the short story and the war-driver name. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. And a small body, based on the fact that he’s a goblin and the “little guy” comment. Only after each new set that comes out the more I miss the old Dominarian Goblins.

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WotC is probably starting to feel a bit guilty about giving control such a shiny wardrivet in Jace, and they might be looking to spread the love to let the pendulum swing back a bit. Magic Market Index for Dec 7th, Sets Goblin Wardriver is in.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like to see a noble Goblin now and again.

Goblin Wardriver (Mirrodin Besieged) – Gatherer – Magic: The Gathering

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a nutsy aggro card like those two were. Innistrad will have at least a Tribal subtheme – proven right October Looks like an uncommon.


Cute little guy, looks highly psychotic. I have seen alot of people make Goblin decks thus far and so far been very ineffective. Would like a link at least, please. Comments on Goblin Wardriver Feel free to post any comments or questions you have on Goblin Wardriver. I doubt its going to be any good. His wordless shriek is joined by the battle-cries of the men and now we are one resolve, one purpose.

Chippy, you’ve moved up in my list of favorite artists. Omnath, The big green mana machine: If he is a combination of the two classic cards in its name then it will be a mythic rare and have a cmc of 4 or wzrdriver with double red at least.

Goblin Wardriver

Others who bought Goblin Wardriver also bought It would only pump Goblins, not all of your guys. Official Oracle Text for Goblin Wardriver.

Currently Playing, Building, Pimpin’: Where are they lacking in design space? A sidenote; anybody else reminded of Panzer Dragoon when they see him? But let’s take a took at T2 goblins. The Mirrodin site description of him seems to be from the point of view of his Vulshok comrades. I like the dichotomy. We are the tide of destruction, and our enemies will not escape. Please be respectful of others. We promise we don’t have any annoying javascript pop-ups and we don’t use javascript wardriber tracking purposes.


Follow me on Twitter: This text accompanies the wallpaper on the site: That art is awesome!

Goblin Wardriver · Mirrodin Besieged (MBS) #64 · Scryfall Magic Card Search

And a small body, based on the fact that he’s a goblin and the “little guy” comment. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. It looks like you don’t have javascript enabled.

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