Now i’m back to the point i’m trying to get help on. I tried your cat commands I’m aware that these commands end with an error once all of the framebuffer has been written with ‘black’, ‘white’ or random data. Here are 3 images. I messed with the hardware and i lost some display capabilities. When i’m playing a video OR with X mounted as retro so it has some output other than just a black screen it has a lot of artifacts, such has instability, top of the image sometimes appears in the bottom, wrong colours, etc.

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The thing that is messing with me is that I installed the imx-test recipe in my image and ran the autorun-vpu. Different timings from the ones I have in my image but it works just fine. No space left on device. Do I need another approach?

Camera image stopping issue in IMX356

Before i deploy X Console prompt it looks good. Thank you for your help so far, I’m linix there Joao. Note that this is about the framebuffer resolution, i.

I want to take a composite video input pal and capture 8 pixels every 5 frames. As of Fusion, you are right, it’s the only one with inverted clock.


Configure a WVGA display in Apalis iMX6 – Toradex Community

The understanding i can take of this is that for some reason gstreamer overflows the display’s pixels. Every time i try to run a video through gstreamer all kinds of artifacts appear. I forgot to add some details, i changed the PWM backlight to 10kHz from the default kHz, it didnt change much.

If you don’t think I skipped a crucial test, do you know a set of gstreamer pipeline tests I could do?

How to use Analogue Camera Adapter/Analogue Camera Module on Embedded Linux

No space left on device EDIT: The basic idea is to run the sample-rate clock to a Counter-Timer external input pin. I messed with the adapter board and lost the display, so this might be only a hardware problem. Hi, From the date you posted this question, I really don’t know if it is still an issue for you, but anyway, take a look what I achieved with the LPC Vanilla X and this cat command give the exact same output – pitch black 2 – progressively gets white, but i get some black columns in the left side corner of the screen and a thin one on the right near the right endi.

Now the questions I present are: I guess i only added them locally.

Wire the 9 Decoder data pins to 9 input pins for the DMA’ed port. Desktop, X and even chromium perform just fine As long as I mwx9526 use X as retro The autodetect pipeline it constructs it makes the artifacts as seen in the video.


Thank you for the time you spent assisting this pecular problem. It only ‘flickers’ in the horizontal. Graphical Support for Apalis iMX. I think the error comes from the framebuffer X and such. How can I override the X configurations? Some frames appear better than others. Help Legal Privacy Policy Linxu. I suspect on any vivante created artifacts, I just don’t know where to work them out. Desktop looking just fine Gstreamer imxv4l2sink test ruining everything.

If the DMA cannot complete within 7 cpu-clocks, the gating scheme could still be used to reduce a high-speed capture buffer to a few more TTL gates, counter chips, and a small Max9256. As soon as I use X, it starts flickering. Please, contact us at support mbed. I found a workaround, liunx makes me satisfied. The linux logo at bootup looks nice too.